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It has been hundreds of years since pouakai has graced New Zealand's skies and now it is back.

Tale has it of a giant native eagle that once graced New Zealand skies over 700 years ago.
with a wing span of over 3m and a top speed of 80kph it is said to be the worlds largest eagle. legend has it that they were feared by humans and even known to carry off humans.

Now the flight of the pouakai has been recreated.
Let pouakai take you on a thrilling .5km ride over AE Fun Park reaching speeds of 80kmh over the tree tops

this is Northlands longest flying fox and the 3rd longest in NZ

$12.50 per ride

0.27km long
ride distance 0.5-0.75km
top speed 80kph approx
ride duration 2-4 min
max payload 110kg
min age 7 years old is recommended but is based on harness sizes

harness sizes waist 58-107cm -chest 61-117cm

maximun weather conditions: flying fox can not operate in high winds from the south -south west in excess of 40 knots or from the north in excess of 90 knots
high wind from the south-west reduces the payload: 25kn.max 100kg, 30kn 90kg, 35kn 75kg

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AE Fun Park Review Blog Marco Troost 2018-11-08 17:53:04

Great fun, excellent relaxed atmosphere and great value for money
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Wesley 2018-11-06 18:01:22

Had a very fun day out with all the boys! I enjoyed it very much and the paintball was great fun!
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Rayne Herewini 2018-11-01 14:00:51

Today was a good day and everything seemed to be really fun.
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Kohatu 2018-08-06 11:38:49

thank you
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Daisy 2018-06-08 08:51:45

Awesome time had by all. Loads of fun.
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