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Will I get a bruise from being hit from a paintball

short answer yes.. but not as bad as you might think. You may have seen some real shiners on some people but while you may get a little mark similar to a ring worm mark to show off, using the modern NZHPA gear and good grades of paintballs you wont get those big bleeding weeping shiners.

Do i need to rug up with layers of clothing to stop bruising

No. rugging up with layers is in fact in its self a hazard of far greater importance than bruising. its a common fable that bad bruising from paintball comes from not enough clothing when in fact it comes from poor quality outdated or poorly maintained equipment but the owner of such equipment wont be in a hurry to tell you this as your shiner pops up. The best clothing for playing paintball is light clothing that fully covers you skin to prevent grazing but not get you hot.

does NZHPA make the paintball go slower or is it a downgrade on speed

A) No. paintballs are fired at the same speed as CO2. NZHPA stops irregular spiking meaning you can actually fire the paintball faster without causing injury

Is NZHPA a upgrade or downgrade

most defiantly a upgrade. the technology NZHPA systems are based on is almost identical to that use by professional players for the last 15 years and the most common upgrade systems brought by commercial paintball fields and players alike worldwide. The benefits of the system are to numerous to list here. google co2 v HPA .

How safe is paintball to play and be around.

When played at a proper licensed and audited venue recognized by tourism authorities(venues are commonly NZTA signposted or represented in local I-sites), using modern good quality equipment is safer than most sports.At the fun park great attention and expense has been put into keeping both the players and other people in the park safe and out of hazards way.
When played somewhere that is not proper venue and even at some seemingly legit commercial outfits paintball can pose significant hazard just entering the venue let alone playing. this is why the park has a audit process that uses 3rd parties so it is not us saying we are safe it is others that have no qualms about calling for upgrades that get to call safe or not.
DOL has no standards or requirements for paintball as its very existence contravenes the HSE, paintball is also exempt from other acts but the voluntary NZ commercial paintball group standards used by the likes of the park and others in the audit group can be viewed on request.

Is the park licensed and is being licensed mandatory

Yes the park is commercially licensed and it is displayed in the gear shed. paintball fields require a commercial licence ( d category firearms with the certificate that goes on the wall the same as gun shops) if it wishes to sell, repair or hire out of direct supervision paintball guns so they dont have to have one but it does limit what they can legally do to the point where they cant really operate. All industry standards also call for licencing to comply and the NZ police call for a industry standard like the NZCP standard to be in place for professional supervision to apply (exemption from the min age of 16 years and other gun laws affectively protecting participants should there be a mishap)(professional supervision also puts the liability on the operation which is managed through the standard with higher safety requirements)

Is there a minimum age for paintball

Yes the national min age is 10yrs at a licenced venue or 16 yrs at other venues
we recommend sticking to a min age of 12-13 if you are using plastic type hard foam masks as they have proven themselves at other venues to be dangerous on younger players.

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