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Welcome, to Whangarei's number one most advanced Paintball

We dont claim to be Whangarei 's No.1. Our Customers do!

Paintball Whangarei

Action Village has the most advanced and most diverse paintball facility in Whangarei with the highest capacity and best facilities of any whangarei paintball field. Whether its a group of 2 or 100 players we can cater for them all.

We run the very latest in equipment and systems a lot of which are found nowhere else in northland and only at the very best places in New Zealand.
The very latest POS systems including Parent spend control mobile app read more.
The latest series of guns running dedicated Nitro NZHPA propulsion/gas systems
The latest in safety systems and low-no fog masks.
Full lighting for night operation
Multi point and online booking
Function area included
Your own time slot and space. (We cater for events and dont allow the genral public to crash the party or more than one group in the same part of the park at the same time)

Paintball Field

Set in beautifully cool native bush away from the heat of the northland summer sun and attracting the cool sea breezes, yet still north facing to attract the warming northland winter sun, sheltered from the cold southerly winter winds and fitted with drainage to survive the harsh northland winters .
The theme of this field is the undead with over 350 zombies,skulls and body parts. a number of building and animatronics


$250 for up to 10 players, includes gear and 200 paintballs each
Extra player $25 PP and includes gear and 200 paintballs each
Extra paintballs $10 per 100
note: the price will go up to $30 PP after the 30th april 2022 due to the cost of new compliance rules brought about by the new CHCH gun laws.

Max 30 players (we can go to 40 on request)
TIMESLOT: 2 hours - up to 4 game rounds (pre assigned game formats)
Deposits: $50 or $100 depending on your group type. Deposit information will be emailed to you when the booking is made and needs to be paid within 48 hours.
Min age of 10 years old

BYO Paint ball gear: if you bring your own gear excluding cylinder ( we provide you a cylinder ) but including paint ball mask your package is half price.

Are you a first timer or have first timers in your group

Action Village uses the latest in NZHPA paintball gear to reduce pain and bruising to a level far less than co2 powered paintball fields and has strict policies in place to insure you have a good safe experience.
With this modern gear there is no need to over pad your self like times of old. Just a long sleeve top and long pants will do.
If you do over pad yourself this will only lead to discomfort while you are playing and give you a lesser experience not a better one.
Most of all remember, you have nothing to fare. We dont get the big bruises and welts you may have seen from other paintball fields. Here we believe the name of the game is having fun and maybe taking home the odd lil mark not inflicting masses of pain on everyone and having no one to play with because its to painful.


Here we use a audit process shared with other paint ball operations nation wide to predict what might cause a accident so it can be fixed before it happens.
This includes things overlooked by most paint ball operators not in the sharing group.
Because of this we have one of the best safety records of any paintball operation in Whangarei and operate to many international standards that our competitors can not achieve
We also have a policy of using infrastructure and improved equipment over the old policing system which just doesnt work to improve player control, compliance and personal safety without compromising game enjoyment.

Booking, Prices, Packages and Contact us

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paintball whangarei
paintball whangarei
paintball whangarei
paintball whangarei
paintball whangarei
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