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Real Time On-line Booking

to use:
1 select the activity you want and the days with available spaces will show
2 select the day you want and then the start time.
3 the system will take you through login, deposit and then make the booking for you. make sure you see the booking confirmation screen at the end. full payment on this sytem is optional but please if you can print/ take the recept/ invoice will you and show it at the office. you can also pay on the day.

There is no such thing as tentative bookings so please dont ask.
We use paypal for our payments processor as they do both card/visa and paypal to paypal processing and offer easy deposit refunding

Contact us
Ph: sorry phone services are no longer available . everything is done online
Location: Hayward rd, Whangarei.
Email: use form at bottom of page.

full directions to the park will come in the booking confirmation email. directions have been removed from advertising and some signage removed for security reasons. if you have been invited to a event contact your event organizer for these directions. This is a private park and admittance to the general public/ passers by is strictly forbidden.


BBQ, picnic area and Function Facility
Equipment sales and repair

See activity pages for prices

Booking T&C

If cancellation is made within 7days of the booking time the deposit is not refundable.the booking may be rescheduled up to 48 hours ahead of the booking time using the same deposit.

A cancellation is considered to have been made only once you have spoken to us directly or have emailed us and have had a reply back from us.

Weather cancellations may be necessary from time to time. If park staff cancel a booking due to weather the deposit is refunded automatically .

Groups (all activities) have a min charge of $250 per group unless otherwise stated

Intend to bring alcohol bond must be paid prior to entering the park with alcohol. no exceptions!

please note:this is a email form, dont confuse it with a booking system ,It is mostly used to distract spammers and is hit by around 100 spammers a day . you can not make a booking with this email form . if you intend to make a booking use the on-line booking at the top of the page.


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