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We dont claim to be Whangarei 's No.1. Our Customers do!

We just like you have kids and have had to go through the dreaded birthday party thing.
But this need not be such a chore or so difficult and it isnt.

We have all heard of the horror paintball/lasertag birthday party with poor facilities, wet weather, BBQ right next to the office and having to control your kids while tripping over the next group coming through or trashed house after you pile the tired but still hyper kids home for food.
But remember we are neither a paintball park nor a lasertag park, we are a entertainment park with function facilities setup to fully handle such activities.

Here we have a indoor function/ BBQ area with bar/serving and prep area, huge BBQ, pizza oven, stone hungi pit, sounds, refrigeration for food that is set outside our main operating area so you can have all the catering comforts of home but without getting your house trashed.

So what to do with the little ones?? .. thats where having a party at a entertainment park really comes into its own. right adjacent to the function area is the mini putt and large lawn area to keep those little ones entertained and out of your hair.

So the nitty gritty..
The easiest most simple birthday party is the BBQ one or for something extra make your own pizza

To get access to our function and BBQ area just book paintball or lasertag activities. the BBQ area is included for use after your activities for free ( note walking dead paintball only includes use of the BBQ 2 area which is the equivalent of a paintball park BBQ area and is not suitable for holding a birthday party) pizza oven costs a extra $20

What to bring for a BBQ.. you will need to bring food, oil and utensils. refrigeration for your food on hot days is available under the bar in the function area. gas is supplied.
the bar area has a prep and serving area and the function area has seating

Activity Cost..the most simple way to run a paintball party without the cost of it getting out of hand is to shout the first 100-300 rounds and tell the kids that they need to pay for the rest. This way the cost wont get out of hand but the kids can all have fun.

Bad weather..the function area is under cover and the main part of the park is well sheltered so bar a storm you have nothing to worry about

(Paintball) returning kids all bruised and injured. some of you may have been told about or seen some real horrors and lets face it some facilities are less than satisfactory. here at the park we run the latest NZHPA gear which greatly reduces said bruising to mare ring worm like marks, the park is commercially licensed and undergoes a audit process for safety so while you may have come across these problems elsewhere recently you wont be returning other peoples kids as damaged goods from here.

bulling.. iv never seen it happen here. dont know if its the environment or the guns evening up the odds but doesnt happen here and i never have to intervene.

Invites... It is always a good idea to hand out paper or e- invites over just telling people. If you can ask for a RSVP and include phone txt and email as contact if you can as this will give you numbers for food. at this end number are not that important. its not uncommon for a group of 10 to turn into 20 without warning but if there is a large change in number just give us a call 30min to a hour before your booking and let us know as this will save time when you arrive.

Your check list:...
Make a invite list
Book a time
Send out invites and get the rsvp's back in
( make sure they know its at the fun park not elsewhere that way you wont get parents objecting to their kids playing paintball)
Grab food and arrive on the day.. its that simple

For birthdays for the big kids, 21st's and the like you may wish to look at function hire, catering, bar hire and the likes but we can cater for those kind of parties as well.

Whangarei Paintball the Eco friendly choice. this website is powered totally by recycled electrons, as to is the electricity generated for use in the park.
Our strategy is for you to tag each other without tagging the environment