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The Parks Beginnings

The idea of building a park on the Hayward rd location was thought up in late 2008 by 2 relatives, the current owner Chris and his cousin Brad.
The concept was as they had both had something to do with paintball for many years, 2 of the 3 paintball operations in town had recurrently closed down and the current remaining operator in town offering old outdated gear, poor safety and poor service at rapidly inflating prices beyond what the 2 and their friends could afford to pay.
So the concept was born. In the mix was also the idea of building a hire offroader track but this was later scrapped as it was considered to dangerous and expensive

By 2009 Paintball equipment had arrived, fields were built and the first activity (Paintball) was open.
On the opening month it was decided to charge $10 per 100 rounds flat rate even though the going rate at the time had climbed to over $30.
By the end of the month it had been proven that the calculations were correct that there was money to be made at $10 per 100 balls and that anything more was just raping it so the famous Whangarei $10 per 100 Paintball was born.

By 2010 other activities were underway with the go-karts and clay shooting opening. The parks network infrastructure was installed making the first paintball in whangarei with eftpos. This was also the year the Paintball became the first commercially licenced paintball in whangarei. The NZHPA system was developed which led to the park manufacturing paintball gear for parks all around NZ and AU.

2011 Mini Putt and Laser tag was opened and the paintball made another first being the first one in NZ to run on Safety compliant HPA and soon after the first one to run on 100% HPA. It was also one of the first along with 2 other NZ field to come up with the concept of using the more expensive player type masks and machine washing them over the rental type masks with the hard foam that preform poorly and have a tendency to slip off kids heads

2012 Archery and Target shooting was opened,

It was originally thought the park would take 5 years to build but with the wide world of entertainment being so big and exciting its unlikely new things will ever stop arriving.

Meet the team

park owners

Photo taken by apn for a news story 2013

Park owner Chris and his 3 kids Live onsite at the park and are deeply involved in the local community and sports at the local sports park.

Chris. with a background and hobby in engineering and tinkering and a family history of inventing and construction, he is the main operator at the park and the builder and inventor of most things in the park today.

Dave. Part time park operator- on field reff. operates activities during school electives and other large groups.

Dee. Holiday program operator. takes care of the kids while on holiday program at the park.

Tai. Part time park operator. operates activities during school electives and other large groups.

Andrew. Side show and stall operator and construction. you may come across him at your local fundraiser running our Paintball shooting Range. also helps out in the park when needed.

Whangarei Paintball the Eco friendly choice. this website is powered totally by recycled electrons, as to is the electricity generated for use in the park.
Our strategy is for you to tag each other without tagging the environment